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Working with Sylvia has been transformational in many ways. It has given me the strength, courage and the insight to reclaim my power. She made the process of letting go and trusting myself a spiritual journey where I felt so supported. Sylvia gave me clarity and allowed me to see old patterns that did not serve me anymore. She facilitated deep healing and the release of old wounds. She eliminated confusion that kept me stuck, she made me aware of what I was telling myself, and guided me to change my story.  We worked through grief and loss to find freedom. She brought me back to my own value, in a much deeper, faster, and more effective way than traditional therapy had ever done.

Sylvia is truly a gift with so much knowledge and compassion. She is a bright light in my life and in this world. Her genuine care tenderly guides you to discover the true you, you will find your own worthiness. The you that you always knew was there. The you that you dreamt about. If you are ready to find your joy and eliminate fear, trauma, anxiety, jealousy, anger, and whatever else is holding you back, reach out to her, you will be in awe of her painless process that gets results.  Set your soul free. Don't wait!

- Lynn Terlaga

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