ZOOM Fatigue to zoom fiestas!

Zoom Fatigued to Zoom Fiestas? 💃

life 💊 ANTIDOTE for classroom and life: 💊

When we look at cramming for a test, it may serve you in that test but it is detrimental for long-term memory and verifying you have actually learned something (which is more useful in the workplace).

Ways to make study easy:

🌟 Sleep is essential to strengthen memory so give your learners AT LEAST 1 day to process.

🌟 Create space for digestion and reflection of the content within the actual learning session. Provide time for individual self-reflection and many breaks throughout the program.

⭐️drink plenty of water

⭐️re-engage attention regularly the more the better. The brain will lose focus unless its attention is recaptured intentionally.

⭐️emotional arousal matters for making learning last, tell me what you eat last week on this day for lunch…dah ….if smoke detection went off and you were eating I guarantee you will remember what you were eating…..

⭐️FACT: Multitasking is the enemy of learning

⭐️After 15–20 minutes, do something to change it up…

⭐️humans are social beings, hard-wired for connection. Create space for sharing in breakouts, chat, and the large group to harness a sense of community and peer sharing

⭐️Offer ways for learners to generate their own ideas and connections on the subject. Ask the group for a response and they may need you to share something first, so they understand what you mean (make share short)

⭐️when teaching or working on changing habits …..a day or more) between , is the most important of all.

⭐️Give students/people time and space to write in chat, then read, then discuss, instead of doing all 3 at once

 ⭐️emotions aid creativity, insight, and expand perception to support learning so make study connect and tie into emotions.


⭐️ avoid heavy food prior to study times

⭐️ have a notepad and paper and move your hand and write because it open memory pathways

⭐️ Create a culture of review & retention by returning to the material in a variety of engaging ways over the course of days, weeks, and months.

⭐️ Cultivate play, joy, and fun through the power of connecting, group activities

⭐️The more you question the group, the more they will engage, connet

⭐️Ask for feedback regularly and embrace it as a gift. Then if possible incorporate the feedback into future designs.

⭐️ After the experiences, ask learners how they felt and what emotions arised for them. Don’t shy away from bringing emotions into the discussions because that’s what they will remember!

⭐️Create space for participants to contribute with their expertise

⭐️ Remember you model everything so use all the tips I share and make everything better.

⭐️paint a picture

⭐️ take the emotional temperature of the room, ask questions to kick off the workshop and then dive int

⭐️ present key content ONLY after participants had a chance to share from their own perspectives.

⭐️super important to gage knowledge

🚀Does this help paint a clearer picture to support studentst/people learning experience?

If you want to share what other ideas do you have, I would love to hear?

breathe…you got this!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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