WORKSHOP for the soul

When we look at the past from the perspective of our present day awareness it changes our perception of past events as well as helps us integrate previous versions of ourself.

We stand at the gateway to several different futures – is the most developed version of yourself creating your future?

Are you someone who knows you have the answers within? Do you sometimes struggle to know which messages are intuitive? If so, you are not alone.

Intuition is a quality we can feed, and can be grown or nurtured. Our stories and traditional ways of knowing are often lost.

The result in decisions in love, health, and business can be side tracked.Practice discerning true messages

1. connect- Journaling, sacred circle and sharing stories. Build a circle of trust. Share your story. Where have you made good choices? What is your family pattern with intuition?

2. Attune to your Body Signals- (Develop a Body of Trust)- Learn to body scan to attune to your physical operating system. Consult your body, as a way to “know”. Journal and share your insights with your circle.

3. Storytelling- A fairy tale can contain a hidden code that provides the steps to find and nurture insight. Consult lessons passed down.

4. What keeps soul stuck? Create movement. Sew new seeds. Make meaningful “affirmations”. What are your personal traps? Glimpse your traps. How do you recognize them? What bait lures you? How can you break outdated contracts that keep you stuck? Dialogue with. future self . Determine how to feed her daily.

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