“I’ve found that I naturally inspire change.

Most of the time I am intuitively guided to what people need in order to heal & believe in themselves. Everyone has a unique path, so there’s no judgement.

Having a coach or therapist who can tune in and reflect with you can be invaluable.

We all get stuck now & then, the key is to get curious, don’t judge, and keep learning about yourself.

You can upgrade your life from where you are by Upgrading your own psychological & physiological toolkit to start gaining momentum in a better direction and enjoying life again.

Sylvia Straight forward, non-judegmental approach, and intuitively tunes in to others, with the ability to recognise patterns and their meanings, then ‘connecting the dots’ quite quickly to understand behaviours & help you change.

Working from an energetic basis then using a future-focused approach, which is instrumental in driving the right activities that will make a difference. I feels it’s an advantage not being confined to a ‘traditional’ model (psychology) of thinking when helping people get ‘unstuck’ and regain momentum in life. 

Body-mind-soul connection is key,

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