What if? when I was growning up was always an immediate rush of yuck a feeling of negative powerlessness. So one day I was in a space of thinking instead of what if (negative) let me use my GPS (God Perspective Signs) and change it to making what if to what if up now, positive and NOW energy.

So I made up a game. I picture this huge balloon and filled it with what if up wishes and the more i would say positive the hight er the balloon. It became a game I used with my children and was so much fun.

Why? you ask… Because those saying comes from an empty space, LIMITED self that felt SEPARATE from what I need and desire.. Be in the NOW and look with rose colored glasses striving to achieve something better. Going deeper into that thought: when I say “what if ”.

Every time I hear myself say, What if (negative) PAUSE change it to what if up (positive)?????“

Old way: what if I was taller

Shift: I am enough

Old way” what if I lived in a bigger house

Shift: I so grateful I have a warm house

Old way: What if I could

Shift: I can do anything have the opportunity to…

Old way: Do I have to do this

Shift: I GET to…

Old way: I must…

Shift: I choose to…

Growing up I would catch myself saying what if, blah blah blah…..this game allowed me the freedom to SHIFT which helped me float gracefully and effortlessly so I enjoy what IS and achieve a better future:

WHat if up game gave me the opportunity to accept WHAT IS shift perspective to be grateful in the NOW. Enjoying the moment, opening a space to upgrade and flow life force. I use my “GPS” GOD’s Perception Shifts, What if up shifts a viewpoint by how we speak. You have a choice to make shift perspective.

We are already seeing this huge shift in consciousness as people are coming together to help each other

Filter what you see, read and hear as much as you can so your what if is a what if up……. take a step back. Give yourself a breakokay what if up now, even just a few minutes of focusing on positive will help to shift your mind.

ALIGN with your own inner voice. I align through meditation, walking lynrenth, writing like this. I know when I’m aligned because I feel uplifted and a sense of expansion moves through my heart. AND FINALLY take care of yourself and serve where you can. Trust in your heart. And let that be your guiding light. Hugs

I am here

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