Law of attraction to manifest money.. You’re a good person, right? But money is cold and hard and that’s not like you.

Then if being filthy rich means having a lot of money means you are dirty, your subconscious mind will repel money away from you because that is your vibration about money.

Here is a truth you must know. You’re already excellent at manifesting.

Everything in your life has already been manifested by who you were in the past. Your experiences become your conscious and subconscious thoughts, and your beliefs and emotions.

Everything in your life today, your challenges and your blessing, are the result of how your mind is currently programmed. And it works every day, all day, without fail.

If you want things to change, you must change.

Specifically, you need to reprogram your mind to repel the things you don’t want and to attract the positive things you do want.

If you want to attract money, as an example, then you need to reprogram your thoughts, actions, beliefs and emotions about money. This happens by cancelling old negative beliefs about money and replacing them with empowering beliefs about money.

Cancel out the phrase (and belief) that “money doesn’t grow on trees, replace it with “Money flows like a endless river

At least 90% of quotes, phrases, and education around money is negative.

Your parents were likely broke or tightwads. School didn’t even teach you how to balance a checkbook. And society promotes unhealthy debt and buying habits. It’s no wonder most people are losing sleep over money.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Stop repelling money and start attracting money by transforming the way you talk, believe, and feel about money and money will flow into your life.

Are you finding pennies?what is the meaning behind finding pennies.

Anytime that you find money, you are attracting wealth. But …

If you do what most people do and step over the money thinking, “It’s just a penny.” Then you are actually repelling money. Most people are sub-consciously repelling money and wondering why they are struggling.

If you are wishing for more money but walk past a penny on the ground. What signal are you sending out to the universe? At a sub-conscious level you are vibrating, “Money stay away from me.”

The universe is saying, “Hey, if you won’t pick up a penny, then why should I send you thousands?” Most experts will say you are sending out mixed signals to the universe. But I believe that you are actually sending a clear signal out to the universe, “Don’t send me money.” What if the universe is testing you to see if you are grateful for even a little penny? What if by picking up that penny, you are struck with a million dollar idea?What if you stop to pick up that penny, and when you stand up you meet the love of your life?

It is not about the penny, but what the penny represents (gratitude and abundance) and the potentiality of the penny (the million dollar idea or meeting someone).

What if you saw five $20 bills on the ground, would you pick that up? I bet pretty damn fast. But I am just as excited to pick up a penny, because I know it is not “just a penny” to the universe. It’s about the vibration of money.

My kids and I play a game to see who can find the most money when we are out and about. Not in a scavenger hunt (read scarcity) kinda way, but in a serendipitous abundance way. I am teaching them how to be aware of the opportunity of money and to feel abundant about money. Sometimes you will see all three of us running and lunging for a coin on the ground.

It doesn’t matter if it is a penny or hundreds or thousands of dollars. The universe is putting money in front of you all the time. All The Time Always say yes to any amount of money with gratitude.

Here is the secret about pennies.

Learn this and in our session I will teach you so much more…..

Pick up the penny (or any other money you find), rub it between your fingers and say “thank you” to the universe. And then the important part is to pay it forward in gratitude. You must circulate the money to increase its flow. Buy a homeless person a coffee. Donate money to a cause that inspires you. Smile and compliment a stranger who is stressed or sad. Your action after finding a penny will signal the universe that you are in a vibration of abundance. The more you do this, the more money will find you.

The fact you are seeing pennies on the ground is a sign that you may be about to manifest a lot more money in your life. But only if you are grateful for that insignificant penny because that penny is not insignificant to the law of abundance. It might just be worth thousands or possibly millions of dollars.

Most people don’t know this secret, but when you align the vibrational mind with what you truly want, the manifestation process happens soooo much faster.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

I am here

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