Some people conquer anything and everything that comes their way, They learn to cure themselves. Than there are people who spread doom and gloom everywhere they go, and oddly enough, they attract many followers. Within a short period of time, a town with the 99 percent success rate begins to lose more and more often because they shift to negative.

They block out and ignore successes and focus solely on their mistakes and failures. And then they can’t figure out why they are in a slump, why things are never turning up rosy.

A basic key to acquiring mind power is realizing that you get more of what you focus on.

When you focus on your successful experiences, you get more of them. When you focus on your losses, you lose more often.

The good news is that no matter how far a person sinks, he or she can begin to rise again by recalling courageous, confident, victorious moments.

Instead of betting against yourself, you take on the mindset of the person who says, “Don’t bet against me.”

Or even better, be the person who when doubted by others, looks them in the eyes and says, “Oh yeah? Watch me!” …………..

I share with my clients they need to be consistent, set a manageable daily goal It’s not too big. It doesn’t scare me. It doesn’t drain me of physical energy. And it doesn’t wreak havoc on my nervous system. In fact, each day as I accomplish my goal, I gain energy and momentum. On a daily basis, remember to eliminate the angst and anxiety of trying to build Rome overnight. You cannot build a city overnight – but you can build one, or anything else, if you keep moving, one humble step at a and momentum-building approach to achievement.¬†Matt Furey. Hugs

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