Have you ever tried to create a vision board, and it didn’t work? Some people think that vision boards are a bit “woo-woo.” However, creating a vision (or mood) board is a powerful way to attract and build the life you desire.

I have found vision boards to be so effective, both for myself and my clients. Whatever you desire, whether it’s a wonderful relationship, a successful career, a healthy body, or a new home, it is all possible when you understand how to use a vision board to achieve your goals.

Reprogram Your Mind To Create Your Perfect Life—by making a vision board that works for you.

When you make your beliefs, your beliefs make you. When you believe in something and focus on it, your mind will invest all the energy, consciously and subconsciously, into making it happen.

Train your mind to win—using visualization exercises—their performance matches or exceeds their expectations.

You see, when you create an experience in your mind first, your body reacts with physical responses.

Your mind is so incredible at creating such a strong reaction that you begin to act as if it has already happened. Like a perfect body in your hot pink bikini. Sitting at a pool having fun with friends and feeling amazing about you and your new BODY.

A simple exercise I use in many of my talks is to think about eating a lemon. When you focus on that “sour feeling” in your mouth, your body starts to create saliva. It is pretty amazing.

Using a vision or mood board does precisely that: it creates a clear picture of exactly what you want, so you move towards it. What you focus on expands.

The exciting thing is you get to create and build the perfect life for you.

Using a vision board is a tool I have used to manifest many things in my life, including when I published my first book.

I will help you uncover massive “blocks” that are holding you back, so you can enjoy (positive) changes in relationships, with body, & health. We will sift through memories and images from my life. Get you understanding on how these childhood models of reality were holding you back. Then we will remove those beliefs and install blessing. Self-belief, self-acceptance, and self-confidence are the keys to true happiness. Hugs

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