Every shred of unfinished business and all our emotional issues will keep reappearing until we get in touch with how our body is feeling. When we open the floodgate of our emotions they will turn our lives upside down. Anything not in harmony with our Self will come up to be processed and healed. All your fixed thoughts and ideas will come loose and you will feel as if you are shifting through time. It will feel as if you are being crushed as your past and future collide. However, this will also free-up an enormous amount of energy opening you to your creative juices and your joy.

Visualize a water fall over a rocky terrain, imagine looking closer and see how the water has slowly created (carved) the bed-rock of the earth into an expression of beauty; it looks alive, full of the “life-force” created from the power of fluid and motion. Without water the earth would “dry up” become sluggish, infertile, and lifeless; our bodies need water to stay healthy, young and productive.

Therefore water needs the earth to hold and “restrain” its emotional desire to “shape and control the world around it”. This means that the 2nd chakra relates to issues of power in the outer world and your need to control, people, events, and the way things happen.

In relationships, we look for someone who will validate, protect and connect with us on an intimate level. But if we suffer from low self-worth and unable to stand up for our rights, we’ll keep finding relationships that constantly reopen our wounds or traumas.

If your life is overwhelmed by responsibility, then it’s time to stop doing everything and let someone else share the load. Some have said that it’s almost like the bottom has to drop out of your world before you can grasp the significance of this stuff. Listen to your sciatic nerve, what is it trying to tell you? If old wounds surface, it means that the situation you are in now is draining your energy, and will continue to drain your energy until you acknowledge the emotional triggers. That’s really what your sciatic pain wants, to be acknowledged.

Pain always indicates guilt; therefore what are you punishing yourself for? What do you feel guilty about?” YOUR BODY IS TELLING YOU: LOVE YOURSELF. I am willing to release the pattern in my consciousness that has created this condition.”

There are at the end of this article, many questions from people like yourself who have been suffering from sciatic and peripheral pain. There are also answers to these questions that may be very helpful to you. I encourage you to read them.

If you’ve been struggling with conditions that seem stuck, held back by old habits, unhealthy relationships, past pain or memories you can’t let go, this blog may offer you some ideas to move towards some peace and hope within your situation. (If not, ask your own personal question)

Follow your intuitive voice that speaks of possibility and potential, of courage and commitment, you may have to bear many crossroads that will test your strength, however, they will also open your heart and strengthen your soul.

It’s okay to feel fear, and or feel anxious as you look forward to a new life and imagine walking away from circumstances that have taken away so of your energy.

No matter what you encounter, stand firm despite it and make the change that will move you towards your true potential. ~ ravenstar ~ November 22, 2020

The sciatic nerves are the body’s two largest nerves in the human body, extending from the lower region of the spine (lumbar area), Hugs

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