FEELINGS OF POWERLESSNESS & HOPELESSNESS that we are holding in our energy. Right now looking at our outside world it can be easy to feel we’re powerless to do nothing about it.

The TRUTH IS – you have the power inside you ALL the time. TODAY access ‘unknown’, ‘hidden’ or ‘unconscious’ aspects of ourselves.

Are you ready to release what is holding you back? The first step will be releasings FEELINGS OF FEAR, this is a BIG one for so many people right now ! Remember, even if you THINK you aren’t holding FEAR, your energy may say something different !

Do you know the difference between toxic positivity and healthy positivity?

Sometimes the illusion of a positive mindset can actually be potentially dangerous if it acts as a smokescreen. Know what to look out for and how to avoid toxic positivity.

3 ways to overcome toxic positivity:

  1. Positivity shouldn’t have you hiding behind an air of “perfection.”

Know that you are not perfect and life will present you with challenges to become a better version of yourself. Being positive in a healthy way requires you to know your flaws, accept them, and work on them to overcome obstacles.

  1. Know it is OK to feel emotions that are not always positive.
  2. Being positive doesn’t mean that you cannot feel sad, worried, nervous, or any other emotion. Healthy positivity comes from knowing that you have the capability to acknowledge the negative emotions, learn what you need from them, and recognize that they will pass.
  1. Focus on finding solutions.

Approach negative situations with a positive outlook by focusing on how to solve the problem, rather than neglect the main issue in order to protect your “positive” mindset.

Try this,
step 1 stand and close your eyes, repeat..and ask your body am I carrying any feeling of depression in my energy,
step 2 let your body answer with a sway or movement forward will be a yes movement backwards will be a no. Notice how easily your body will respond. Ask how this emotion is affecting you now? two ways, making it an object, where you are noticing it inside, outside, above, below, what size is it, the color, the shape.
Step 3 The other way is to scale it with numbers. How many feelings of depression do I have if more than 10 bodies sway forward yes…keep probing questions…..become crystal clear where you are starting?
Step 4 transform release and let it go, make these statements out loud and fill in the blank I am ready to release this energy out of me should downward I release it all form all levels all forms I am ready to release these draining energy pain, all forms all level all points of time……….
Step 5 release say out loud his time…..I am ready to release this feeling of depression, all forms, all levels, all points in time, final step may need you to return to previous step, IF your body answers with a yes that allis released than recode this….”this one works with depression” you can add in your own phrase, close eyes, say out loud, put your arms in victory “I am ready to be cheerful ,open, light, strong, joyful, KNOWING there is everything to LIVE FOR, I am always loved and through my eyes I see this NOW. I allow this in all forms all levels all points in time Pause take a few deep breaths, feel this opening this light everyone feels it different rinse and repeat if needed. Stand in your power, you deserve it!

Find out how to improve your life by building a healthy mindset. Just stay quiet and empty, let life play out! Hugs

I am here

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