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Touch Therapy is a gentle, naturalistic body oriented therapy that works with the charge and discharge of the autonomic nervous system to renegotiate acute and historical trauma symptoms. Trauma results when there is an inability to recover from stressful events. The charge from these experiences breaches our natural protective barriers, leaving us feeling depleted of our life force energy and aliveness. When challenging situations happen too fast and with too much intensity, the energy activation from these experiences can become fixated in our systems, creating a constellation of uncomfortable symptoms and patterns of bracing, constriction and holding.

Over time, if the energy from high states of arousal is not released, this activation becomes locked in our physiology creating patterns which can lead to various syndromes such as: migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, and others. SE helps to restore access to our inherent, natural and organic rhythm.

These organizing capacities have a stabilizing and healing effect on our nervous system. “When gut, vascular, musculoskeletal, breath and brain are aligned with the heart, we are in a deeply integrative and harmonious state of coherence.” When we are in a coherent state, we are open, engaged, receptive, flexible, calm, curious, creative, embodied and whole. Coherence enlivens our connection through resonance, not only with ourselves, but with each other. When we can regulate in coherence within the relational field, we can connect more deeply with all that is around us.

Feeling stressed, burned out or overwhelmed? Are you subjected to toxic environments, internal or external noise that sap your energy and make you want to run for the hills? Do you feel stuck and find it difficult to make decisions? Are you having difficulty trusting your intuition? Do you overreact? Are you exceedingly critical or judgmental? Do you ruminate or worry about the same things over and over again? Do the seemingly insurmountable responsibilities, and tasks of life, create procrastination and frustration? Do you find yourself yearning for something more or different?

Have you ever considered the role the nervous system plays in your body? When our nervous system is functioning optimally, we are connected and embodied. We feel like we have choice.

We can easily transition from one thing to another. We have more energy. We sleep better and we are able to recover easily from irritated states that leave us ruminating and frustrated. When our nervous system is not regulating properly, our major systems such as the cardiovascular, immune, digestive, and musculoskeletal cannot work together in harmony. They are working against each other creating a constellation of symptoms and conditions that make us feel awful, and sapped of vitality and aliveness. Together, we can learn to tap into those reserves of energy and create more abundance in our lives.

My vision is to create a nurturing and supportive space so that we can feel safe to explore what it means to live a more expansive, connected, loving and vibrant life. So come! Be coherent with me. Together we will build a community through self regulation, connection, support and appreciation! Hugs

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