Friday’s rising of your inner PHOENIX journey and processing will be more powerful as we will dive into bringing in the Phoenix energies for massive global transformation to help all of us and humanity rise above old ways of living and doing things and unlock the next phase of our journey.

Get ready for the next 3 electrifying months (at least energetically).  The more you raise your vibration, the easier it will get for you and others around you to move through the global changes and receive new options and solutions.

We still have some ways to go over the next few years.  However, we are in the middle of the transition process.  So let’s make things smoother for your future and help Earth.

First Time?
If you never joined us in the past, this is the time to dive in and become a part of our global network focusing on a unified vision and a cosmic mission to help humanity rise and move forward.

Re-calibrate your energy to the changing flow on Earth based on cosmic influence. Give yourself a vibration tune-up to amplify the energies that will benefit you and Earth.

transmit the waves through yourself the town you live, the

city and circulate the Phoenix waves globally for rapid transformation of systems, processes, ways of living and more.

Rise for your vision
Rise for new possibilities
Rise above old and dysfunctional models
Rise to embrace new ideas for the future
Rise to take action
Rise to help Earth
Rise for harmony, creativity and collaboration
Rise to help humanity receive calibration for the next phase of our Soul-journey

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