Think yourself THIN

You need to change the way you think about food.. You can do this through hypnosis, because it reinforces new images in your subconscious and this in turn will automatically change your behaviour.

Did you know your brain’is programmed to move you away from pain…… say this again!

Hypnosis teaches that the words you speak become your reality. For example, how often do you say I’m starving’ when you`re hungry? This statement sends a message to your brain that you’re ravenous, and encourages you to overeat. The trick is to reinforce positive messages about healthy choices..


Close your eyes and imagine you’re at your ideal weight.
Imagine walking into a clothes shop and trying on something you’ve always wanted to wear. You look sensational in it.
On the way out, you spot the food hall. Imagine all that lovely food — fresh bread and cakes.
What makes you feel better; the idea of having a snack or looking great in your perfect outfit’?
Do this visualisation every day. After a while, you’ll notice there’s no food that can match the feeling you get when you know you look and feel your best. This will help change your attitude to food.

I teach my clients tricks to turn metabolism to max intensity. because . …..I take the KEY WORDS from our session, the triggers hidden, inside you, so you get understanding and freedom!!!!!!!!!. HUGS

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