In our session you’re in the Trance like state – and ain’t no better feeling. So peaceful and powerful!

When you move, the world inside of you changes – and thus, the world outside of you looks different. You look at the world with rose colored glasses, and see, hear and feel only the beautiful. The colors are brighter, the smell of fresh air, best aroma ever and well you hear the birds, the sounds like you have been transported into your kingdom.

Are your glasses ROSE COLORED or are they filmed with a fear, fight or negative beliefs from your past? Anxiety can destroy concentration, cause overthinking, an inability to make decisions and catastrophizing of minor issues. Hypnosis is a great gift to control these unhealthy habits and to establish new healthy ones..

Or are your glasses the ones that allow you to put the stresses of the day on an island in the middle of a sea, observing them being washed over at any minute and healed……… awe what a feeling.

Yes, it’s that easy to allow anything negative space to move away when you get to the root cause of PAIN. Leaving your negative stuff on the island allows you to create a space away from the negativity. You allow yourself time to tap into the wholeness, your birthright to feel positively blissful for no reason because you do not need a reason to be happy. You just are.. Remember that feeling when you were young, you didn’t need a reason to be anything. You just were. That is the wholeness that you feel after our session!

If you’ve ever daydreamed about feeling this amazing feeling you found me and this POST FOR THIS REASON………..

NOW IS THE TIME to invest in YOU, so you can move in this life doing something meaningfu. I invite you to explore your past to uncover what has been HOLDING you BACK….. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!!

AMAZING ART done by one of my Circus Yoga Students “Gabriele Martin” on the bottom of picture she shares our class mantra.

“Ride Your Own Wave”

I am here

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