Working with Syliva has been transformational in many ways. It has given me the strength, courage and the insight to reclaim my power. She made the process of letting go and trusting myself a spiritual journey where I felt so supported. Sylvia gave me clarity and allowed me to see old patterns that did not serve me anymore. She facilitated deep healing and the release of old wounds.

She eliminated confusion that kept me stuck, she made me aware of what I was telling myself and guided me to change my story. We worked through grief and loss to find freedom. She brought me back to my own value, in a much deeper, faster and more effective way that traditional therapy had ever done.

Syliva is truly a gift with so much knowledge and compassion. She is a bright light in my life and in this world. Her genuine care tenderly guides you to discover the true you, you will find your own worthiness. The you that you always knew was there. The you that you dreamt about. If you are ready to find your joy and eliminate fear, trauma, anxiety, jealousy, anger, and whatever else is holding you back, reach out to her, you will be in awe of her painless process that gets results. Set your soul free. Don't wait!
Lynn Terlaga
I lived in rage and anger about many things but I was most angry about the mistakes I made being a Dad. What you focus on, you get more of and all I wanted to do was be a good Dad, calm, peaceful.

It was only when I began to work on myself, "feel so I could heal" and for me this was unknown territory. My parents said statements like your the man of the house, suck it up, weak men cry, you need to be the strong one.

I realized my nager was trying to get my attention, telling me STOP playing victim which was a role I began to like. I began to search for positive things and found Sylvia online. She cracked me open, gave me permission to cry, and heal.

Phenomenal is a birthright and if you're a man reading this you think it is a sign of weakness to CRY TEARS like a river you need to make the best investment of your life.

Sylvia and her presence was the antidote to heal the wound I carried for lifetimes. Do your soul a favor and reach out, I promist you will walk taller, able to see and love yourself and the world better. Sharing my feelings was something I have never done before, to me a sign of weakness. I will tell the world better. Sharing my feelings was sometine I have never done before, to me a sign of weakness.

I will tell the world that opening your truth will set you free. I wake up feeling energized, invigorated, excited, and restored. I choose to feel now and always.
Jason, USA
I found Sylia when she posted about her success with healing ADHD symptoms, and I immediately reached out to her about working with my son who had low confidence, anger outbursts and wouldn’t engage academically at school and try and attempt to read – My son had a lovely session and the recording was exactly what he needed – because the teacher reported back that he was calm in class and attempting all work, and even practices reading at home every morning and night now, and anger outbursts are fading away! WOW

Then I asked her to work with my son again for a fear that came up about getting in the ocean water, which he used to Love – we got a new recording and he loves it, and he had a breakthrough!! He started jumping in the water again and he was so proud that he overcame the fear and remembered all the reasons why he loved the ocean again!!

I couldn’t recommend Sylvia enough, she has a lot of techniques in her toolbox, including a very special technique called “angel whispers” that fills the kids with self esteem and confidence.

She was always available to hear my concerns and her responses were game changing!

Thank you Sylvia, you have greatly impacted our family and I am proud to say that we have reached our goal of creating a harmonious family life?
Bec Diekman, Australia
Thank you Sylvia for supporting me to let go. I cannot believe the shift. A few things that stand out in particular is my reactions to fear and anger. I recently had an experience where I would have been so upset at everyone and everything and start the cycle of feeling sorry for myself. I quickly felt what was happening and started letting go. Naming the emotion helped me to realize that I was in fact sad and the thoughts almost instantly dissipated (this was huge). All of my life I have followed every thought and emotion and used it to identified myself. Now, I catch myself and stop following the thoughts.
Since our session I feel what really going on, name it and let it go simple like you said (I hear your voice all day?). I used to be scared of not being looked after, now I feel empowered. because the Universe has my back. The vibration in my stomach I used to feel would spin me into an absolute panic. I let go and I am feeling so much more free. It is almost foreign to me and its taking some getting used to for sure. 43 years of thought patterns can get really engrained but I welcome change.
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Tom, Canada
I finally was able to let it all go! I feel so whole and wanted to tell. Thank you, Sylvia for lighting up my way and holding my hand when healing felt too heavy.

Your radiant soul and endless knowledge were that magical key I needed to face my deepest fear. Your way of doing it is so unique and powerful, that I have never experienced before, and I have tried everything in the past 10 years.

Forever grateful for freedom, empowerment, divine love and trust that I am able to see in myself and now share with the world ❤

Kim, Sweden
I had a session with Sylvia and it was the most amazing, mind blowing, eye opening experience.

She guided my mind through series of scenes full of symbolism and past and present lives. She made me see how the scenes finally connected. Even though at the beginning nothing made sense to me, her expert hand guided, I went from awe to confusion, from sadness to happiness and then finally all clicked!! . Like if pieces of a puzzle finally fit together!

Understand now where do issues of my life come from. I’m now looking forward for the new me. The one re-born after this wonderful session.Cheers to new beginnings!! I’m always grateful.
Myra Fernandez
I had a session with Sylvia on Soul Parenting and I just want to say thank you for a very eye opening experience. I've never had an experience in the womb. I could visualise being there but not the love and it was a turnaround moment for me to realise I am Love ❤, I came from love and will return to love, we are all connected through love and seeing that has freed me from something I felt I have been waiting for, a bit like 'the praise you've always wanted.' I wish I could put in to words what's been lifted. Just thank you! It was more so much more than I expected.

Love to you from the bottom of my heart

Jeylan Mehmet, UK
Sylvia I just wanted to say thank you for this incredible opportunity. I had so much fun in this session. Learning to allow that childlike part of me to be creative and to see things that are really important to me in a different way.

The messages came through so easy. Excited to share with my children and clients. Soul work upgraded for sure, when I see my picture it reminds me of just how lucky I am and what shifts I have made to arrive here now. Like you say “this is what my yes looks like!

Jess, Canada



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