Are you ready to transform the patterns of energy and information that shape your entire reality?

In this sensory-filled world, your brain already filters out over 90% of the information coming to you.

All you need to do is tell your brain that you want to notice energy.
There are many ways to notice – see which one is the most natural for you.

• Do you SEE information or notice VISUALLY? Think about a lemon. Do you see a picture appear in your mind? This is how you can notice information visually.

• Do you FEEL energy and information? Think about hugging a little child who loves you. What and how do you feel? This is how you can tune into your feelings.

• Do you have a sensation of KNOWINGNESS? Do you often find that you just know the answer? You can develop your sense of knowingness and intuition.

• Can you TASTE energy and information? Close your eyes and bite a piece of lemon (it is energy and information). Or take a bite of your favorite food. What do you feel on your tongue?

• Can you SMELL energy and information? Imagine smelling a bunch of roses or perfume or your favorite cooked food. What do you notice?

• Do you HEAR energy and information? Imagine the last time you heard your phone ringing. What does it sound like? Focus on your favorite song – can you hear it? Sound is also energy and information.

These are some of the ways you can notice. You may be able to notice all or most of the above. With practice, you can develop your skills to notice with all of your senses.

Focus on your heart, think about how you want your life to change, and simply experience these programs. Notice what begins to shift for you.

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