What’s the Scoop on Sugar? Your already sweet enough!
How much do you know about sugar and this is something children need to learn in our school system so they have power. Do you know the difference between added sugars and natural sugars? It’s in nearly every food we eat, but what do you really know about sugar, and what it does to your life.

You are worth it and already sweet enough. The lower the amount of sugar, the better, If the added sugar grams are zero or close to zero, you’re making a healthy choice and this allows you to focus better smile more and to feel more balanced everyday.

Added sugars and natural sugars are very different, natural sugars are found in foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, added sugars are things like table sugar, syrups or honey, and are found in concentrated fruit and vegetable juices. Stay away from added sugars dead food. Evil people in the world try very hard to hide sugar in food now and these added sugars are HIDDEN with names from BIG PHARMA like sucrose or dextrose most words that end in –ose on your nutrition labels. They are placed in food so you can visit the doctors more!!!!!!!!!

Some Milk products contains natural sugar, as well as calcium, protein, vitamin D, and other nutrients that your body needs. READ labels and as long as the amount of added sugars on your nutrition label is low, you are making is a nutritious choice. EMpower yourself for health wellness.

Choose water or milk, when thirsty, sport drinks can have a much sugar as soda or fruit flored drinks. Water is the best nutritious choice but not too much. Adding lemon to it can improve the taste. Today become your own doctor and listen to your body it the gift you received from GOD, use it. Hugs

I am here!

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