Step by step process which can help you shift any stuck energy, thoughts, emotions and change many things in your life,

Allow your energy to funnel to open a space for your light to shine. Allow your vibration to be felt inside you first and then send it out to the world. Using your physical body as a portal,. Feel the sun invisible or real, let it nurture, replenish, and release any heavy energy, surround yourself, the planet with this light and love. Feel grounded & safe.. Pause, feel this love in all corners of the world, north to south, east to west around the Universe. Breathe long deep and slow.

Trust the loving mother energy to surround and protect you and everyone you love, hold a space for this light. Transition from old to new, feel this transformation as you hold open this space, call in what you need what you want, feel it in your entire body,breathe into your heart.

Let this vibration radiate all form, all points in time, say out loud “I am ready to LOVE myself FREE”, I trust myself, the world, the Universe.?

Expand, Expand, let go, hold onto this light, love, fatih, feel this opening cut any darkness, breathe. Recognize this power inside and believe “the best is yet to come”.

See your future self, walking in this space, calling in “ I am ready to receive, to be a light walker”. Holding this frequency breathe, let it in, let this be your new reality.

Open more and more. Yawn it out …..feel your aura expand, feel it around you, the people you love, in your home, send it from your heart., pause breathe

Bow with graitute, grounding yourself here, now, breathe and yawn it out. breathe, deeper, deeper deeper, hugs

I am here

#emotionalblunting #freedom

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