TAKE ALL YOUR FEARS, watch them go down a mountain with momentum, let them collect and gain power by asking YOURSELF, WHAT DO I LOVE TO DO? As you watch the snowball pick up the things you want it will grow and become a force field, see it… is powerful unique amazing just like YOU!
This is your task. Spend time in this energy, in this momentum, get your answers to this question and you will become a creator, a builder, and a leader of your life. The snowball technique is powerful and works with a natural rhythm. This world needs you now. You have come to do great things, exactly this.. You are being pushed out of your comfort zone for a reason. Abundance peace harmony health is your birthright. Step into your divine life purpose, liberated in this. Peace, love and harmony which are available to you.

Let you SOUL speak, It ihas come with a imprint your blueprint that you have chosen before you incarnated.

You will realize it by asking yourself over and over again what your values are, where your heart is, how you want to serve, and who do you want to serve?

The WORLD NEEDS so much NEW!!!!! Look around at areas that fill your heart with passion, ask how you can make things better. The education systems, how we treat animals, the medical system, healing systems, day to day energy systems, how we honor mother earth, the sky, the trees, the seas, the directions……….ON & ON

Today focus on what you can contribute with your innate abilities, talents, gifts, and your inherent God powers? I get excited just writing this!!!

What is your heart yearning for? What are your hobbies, where are your talents, what are your desires
start finding the answers to these questions.

You can do anything your heart desires.

I back you, I support you, and the entire universal is assisting you. Bring this into your consciousness and reprogram your subconscious mind.
Give yourself permission to unveiled your SOUL PRINT……hugs

I am here

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