Soul Parenting JouRney:

Old black and white photos. People who you never knew or perhaps only knew through stories. People who if it wasn’t’ for them you wouldn’t be here.

Family wounds get passed down. Become part of the len we view the world.

Our family scars become our scars.

Become parts of our cracks and fractures.

Ideas and ways of life.  Passed down through tradition and family stories.

Family members who, immigrated or survived a war or depression and this affected your family.  These themes and patterns are still present. They show up as beliefs.

Slavery. War. Can change the way we and others see the world. These stories can change the world.

A place of profound healing.

Our ancestors struggled to stay alive. That’s why we are here.

A great deal has changed since generations ago.  However, we still carry their DNA.

The anxiety, trauma, pain and suffering gets passed down through generations. We carry the wounds of our ancestors.  Their anxiety to stay alive is now our anxiety. Their fear of the unknown and night is now our fear. Anxiety and fear served our ancestors as it does us, wIthout we would walk off of cliffs or enter dangerous situations.

Situations also affected our more recent ancestors which also have an underlying current in our daily worlds.

That underlying belief that tells you there is never enough. Because those that came before you had to create enough and often times went without. Now, your subconscious mind believes this.  The family member who survived atrocities, how did they raise their children and how does this affect you? Often times, those who suffered greatly- live in fear that what has happened to them will happen to their children. So they raise them in fear. Their children raise their children in fear and so on. RINSE AND REPEAT

  • We can learn a great deal about yourself by looking into family roots.   a family tree that maps out family patterns and histories, such a divorce, substance use. When you see the patterns of the past, you can help end them.
  • If you don’t know any stories, start by researching stories, myths, beliefs and tales from the countries of your ancestors.


 Look through old family pictures and albums.  Take your time, look at the people and places.  

  • Try connecting to what was going on.  
  • What were they feeling, doing?
  • No pictures.  
  • Do not worry. You can find old pictures from where your ancestors came from.  Do you relate to the pictures? Feel a connection? Or feel nothing?

Stories are ways we connect, learn and grow.

You do not have own or allow past family traumas to define you.

You get to rewrite the story.

You can learn and grow and be better.

When we set a mission to be our best, we release ourselves from the past.

When you create a relationship with your ancestors you can ask for support, blessings, and advise. They may visit your dreams or speak to you through music. Be open to the signs.

When we start to heal our families, we empower future generations.

We free ourselves from family patterns and stories. We get to rewrite our histories and in SOUL PARENTING I walk with you over the BRIDGE!!!⭐️⭐️💕💕❤️❤️❤️


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