Recovery Soul energy

You are doing great!

Let’s look at Clarity and learn how to do The PIVOT. These are both vital core strengths for unlocking your potential professionally and personally.

10 SMART Moves for avoiding future fractures,

Life-changing activities, plus an intro to your personal mantra.

Without further ado, let’s call back your pieces upgrade your broadcast and start living

WHEN YOU ARE BACK ON LINE YOU START to notice you wish to be with upbeat people because you are coming back to life the ripple effect is beautifiul

You start to choices food that is good because when you feel whole you wish to eat food that will support a good life, So you show up and play.

Opportunity come on line because your broadcast has a frequency has a vibration that bring like to you, are you Willing to be in the game again.

As you heal your soul your DNA realize were pattern are and release them. You move not getting stuck flashes come so those deeper fracture, hidden reveal themselves. Those little scratches cause a lot of noise the deeper the fracture the greater the soul loss. Recover those pieces and they have so much memory in them …those parts that trusted life… and because you were so afraid to trust this TRUST piece left????

NOW we can bring it back, so you trust the ones you love and they will be there for you, the teacher you need shows up, the feeling of joy become a natural state again. You are here so those scratches dissolve and go away.

Little miracles happen when you do this work, the holes get mended, energy is put back in your soul…like a light bulb being turn back on???????

Those piece left because it was to much ….bringing them back is bringing only pure LOVE…..

The hole is what sent pieces away and they are fixable. Imagine how wonderful life will be when you are whole again, you can trust again, stop repeating same old patterns…

You deserve greatness, just imagine your life feeling this way…

THERE are three ways ❤️❤️❤️❤️Betrayal (fault line highly critical parent) hairline fractures create smaller lines…….hair line pattern or a shatter pattern …..(deal with tremendous abuse) losing love ones…⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️helpless or hopeless is the second fracture.❤️❤️❤️


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