You may be surprised to learn the impact social media is having on our lives.

The statistics are shocking:

210 million people suffer from social media and internet addiction worldwide.
Social media disagreements cause one in three divorces.
91% of Gen Zers experienced emotional or physiological stress-related symptoms from social media.
When we see figures like this, we have to re-examine our online behavior’s impact on our real-life relationships.

Is social media damaging your relationships?

Social media has changed the ways we interact and get to know each other. It can provide a great way to stay in touch and stay connected. However, it is also impacting our relationships longer term too.

Is One in Three divorces caused by social media?

A survey of divorce lawyers found that approximately one in three divorces resulted from social media disagreements.

Don’t let social media ruin your relationships.

Are you in control of social media, or is it controlling you?

Do you use social media? (Yes, “user” is also a term applied to addicts).
Are you aware of the impact of social networks on your life or your children’s lives?
Could you, or someone you know, be addicted to social media (without realizing it)?
I recently watched The Social Dilemma and was shocked by some of the statistics.

Have you seen it? The documentary proclaimed that, because of social media, “A whole generation is more anxious and depressed” and that we now have “Less control on who we are and what we believe.”

You can take back control of your life on your terms whenever you want. I know this is true because I have helped people gain freedom from their issues, and the results have been life-changing.

No one needs to suffer. Is it time to disconnect from your devices and reconnect with those you care about?

210 million people suffer worldwide from social media and internet addictions, according to Science Direct.

Social media addiction is increasing at an alarming rate, yet many people don’t even realize they are addicted. Do you know how to recognize the signs?

How can you identify social media addiction?

Many people use social media in healthy ways to stay in touch and up to date. However, if social media use becomes excessive or compulsive, to the point where it is detrimental to other areas of life, this may indicate a social media addiction.

Ask yourself:

Are you often checking your social feeds?
Do you feel anxious if you are unable to access your network?
Is social media the first thing you look at in the morning and before bed?
Does social media affect the way you feel about yourself (good and bad)?
Is your self-esteem linked to the external validation you get from social networks?
If you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions, then you may want to consider if you have the healthiest relationship with social media and what you want to do about it.

I will show you how to be free from social media addictions.

First of all, let’s understand why this happens, as I believe that we cannot fix what we don’t understand.

What happens to your mind when you use social media?

Social media is addictive. Neuroscientists have compared social media interaction to producing the same neural circuitry as drugs and gambling.

When someone uses something addictive or experiences something rewarding, such as successful social interactions, dopamine levels rise.

Social media stimulates dopamine, rewarding, and motivating our behavior. The mind is wired to want to repeat this rewarding behavior, leading to social media addiction.

How to have a more healthy relationship with social media:

Now that you understand what social media is doing to your mind and how that may affect your behavior – and the lives of those you care about – you can decide what you want to do about it.

Please know that you always have a choice.

In our session clients say they feel relaxed & free, hugs

I am here

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