Sexual ABUSE statements that heal

1 in 3 women have been victim of some form of sexual abuse.

That’s the statistics from my client base.

The bottom line is that it is unfortunately very common and ABUSE IS from someone in a close circle)….

Don’t focus on what happened (this is living in the past), focus on wants, take back power over the abusers) – making ABUSE smaller, like an old black and white movie, until the client doesn’t see it anymore in their mind’s eye.

To heal sexual abuse it’s all about self-healing, releasing the emotions, giving choices they concluded they didn’t have.

UNDERSTANDING of what is true or false is another release – the sadness or whatever feeling is what we work with: in abuse the child feels vulnerable because protection was not happening.

New imprint all about YOU DID NOTHING WRONG AND YOU ARE SAFE…is the healing balm.

In sessions on ZOOM with clients all over the world I support clients. Abuse leaves scars feeling/believing? What is the meaning of the event? What do you need now to heal? Together we take away the shame and guilt and any unwanted feelings associated with the abuse. 🌸 send me a message if you need a hand hold!

People try to deal with multiple issues at the same time, and sometimes nothing works.

This is very common with Hypnosis, because the brain is a very structured instrument, and asking it to do too many, divergent, things, at once, can often lead to nothing getting done.

Think of this, which is how I guide my treatment protocol. You’re making a building. Before the foundation and superstructure are ready, you want to start building rooms and even furnishing them.

How can this work?

First you need to get basic structure done, then build interiors, finally you can start to furnish the rooms.
The way to proceed is to first identify the core emotions that the person is feeling (magic wand issue).

Then understand which ones are foundation, super structure and finally interiors.
I follow a simple protocol.

Look at current stress first, it can block everything .

Then look at the past or it pulls you back.

Then anger which affects many things, then fear, another blocker, then finally self image.
Most times if you just try to go for all, at once, you get nowhere.

Some people want a magic wand list, and then complain they don’t get any REAL results.
This impatience to try fix everything at once never works, especially in chronic cases.

Some emotions do settle down quickly, but something that has been carried around for years, and made deep grooves into the emotions, just cannot heal at the same speed. Or not at all, because deep emotions need an approach that focuses on them, and them alone.
Also, triggers can be contrary.

If you need to reduce anger, and also decide to boost self image the two will be working at cross purposes.

In the hierarchy, I like to deal with anger first.

Otherwise you create disruption.
Patience is a must in self diagnosis and prescription.

The tendency to try and do all at once often leads to nothing getting done.

A mature practitioner looks at what is really critical first, deals with it systematically, then moves on to the next.
Also important is to understand the context, life situation, of the person.

When clients are not ready to face those emotions, it can actually be unhelpful, because they find they caused increased agitation, anger etc.
We must look deeper at the action and roots of that emotion to receive understanding
Every carpenter / craftsman learns that you need to develop / polish skills and knowledge of the tool, to use it effectively. Else they blame the tool.
Self diagnosis and prescription often fails when not enough effort is put into understanding the underlying emotions. Many of my clients ask why I chose to work on certain issues first, when they would not have chosen it themselves. Yet when they see the effect they realize that those emotions were in fact present and needed to be dealt with before any progress could be made.
Self diagnosis requires total honesty, and awareness of how emotions relate to each other, so that you can deal with them layer by layer, in a structured manner, patiently.

I am here!

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