Forgive and

This powerful and profound process has been given to me by Spirit to assist in moving through core belief systems easily. It is intended to help you free yourself from the core, cause and effect of deep-seated beliefs and patterns of behavior that no longer serve your highest good.

Sessions can take up to two hours on ZOOM

FEE: $600

Past Life
Trauma Clearing

When we experience a trauma of any kind, the memory of it can stay in our energy field and—whether we are aware of it or not—continue to impact our lives in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. It becomes part of the story we tell ourselves and others about who and how we are, and it influences what we choose to do—or not do. If you are ready to let go of the limitations that a trauma has placed on your life, then this beautifully simple process given to me by Spirit can support you in clearing the trauma from all your energy bodies. It works not only on this lifetime, but through all your lifetimes.

Sessions take 2 hours on zoom

FEE: $600

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