Self Hypnosis

To cut through the noise, to respond to the suffering without feeling like you’re getting caught up in it and drowning in it and becoming ineffective.

It is important to rest and digest. Physically for your physical wellbeing, emotionally and mentally for your souls’ wellbeing.

The way I do this:

Is to start talking to the universe like I was talking to my best friend.

And being able to sit down and meditate and open my heart to see what happens.

Those things are the tools that work for me, and they may help you. If those things feel a little bit unreachable, I have a vast body of work that has all sorts of healing tools and techniques, as well as many free resources here.

If you’re looking for a place to start where you can use those SOUL tools to support what’s happening in your life, and in the world.

Finding a way to continually bring yourself back to the beautiful sanctuary of your own heart.

Know that you’re loved, guided and encouraged to take your beautiful, unique life path journey Now because you deserve to live your best life. Hugs

I’ve been waiting for you!

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