Self esteem is critical for children and adults. High self esteem gives you ability to take risks, and it number one enemy is procrastination, 85 % of people in the USA suffer from low self esteem.

Some easy ways to check in with self esteem:

1. Health, if you choose great healthy food?

2. Relationships, are you able to have random conversation with people, allow other to have an opinion, or do you try to control others,do you point the finger, and not give others an opportunity to stand ground and final do you get sucked into negative stuff other people drama and trauma to fit in?

3. Wealth and finance ..feeling they can not get ahead in life so they self sabotage,. ask is it worth it is, have a scarcity mentally therefore they do not take risks, do they continuelly dim their lights?

4. Recreation and fun, what do you do to have fun, do you make time to play, or do you always half to work,. Live a life of should;s?

5. personal and spiritual area do not take time to read an uplifting book, creative, connected to God, prayers able to forgive especiaily with self and others.

Pause now, Measure yourself, which area do you need to invest?????

Make a plan and keep it simple, maybe you have a great business but relationships are off. Fear rejection always waiting to make more money, build chest & butt…blah blah blah this will affect us because we sabotage areas in our life that we need to spend time.

I invite you to explore ask these questions?
How often do you find yourself in negative situation,
Feel guilty, should of could of done this,
Painful memory from childhood
Family arguments
Are you Comfortable in new situation or do you play small

do not feel good enough
Believe you can accomplishment anything you want
How do you feel physical
Do you have fun wherever you go
Make friend easily, realize people are waiting to be your friend

Clarity your self esteem and myths about self esteem so you can upgrade,

Example of myths: only the very poor homeless suffer from self esteem , false alot of people suffer, lacking self esteem look at movie stars, famous athletic, etc Children misinterpret things and they feel unworthy they made something up at an early age I help them uncover and CHANGE it.

Some people say they can not remember their childhood therefore they can not remember trauma….so they think they can not fix it. I teach them that they are living the same upset over and over again in your now. I help them shift by giving them understanding.

Self esteem is related to success, the more in touch you are with your gifts, understanding what you value.
Make no sense to spend time on future, you gotta clean up past, going back is not something I want them to dwell on this would drain energy become an nagging feeling we just go in, shift and clear. SUPER EXCITING!

People have emotions, some children where not allow to be angry, it not about right or wrong, the question is, does it serve you to be angry or sad all the time, if no I help clients go to the emotion and move through them easily.

Understand this “All family are dysfunctional”…clean this up, move through these behaviors, these relationships and it DONE!

Elevating self esteem does not half to take years it becomes a light switch……just turn it on…Ta Da! I help clients get in touch, and change perception so they can complete their past.

Being able to be present so you can complete the story of your past, ,let go of the up sets from childhood, not good energy, I help you separate the facts, give you new meaning to what someone said or did. This is a game changer and help people to heal
Example number 1::

As a child being called stupid because you left a door open, understanding grandpa was tired from working all day and just had a bad day. Understanding this espsode gives freedom. Helps them to break a cycle of not good enough, stupid, ugly whatever was said, the hurt, they play it out like a self fulfilling prophecy…

Example number two:

baby brother or sister was born…..they made up they are not worthy, not good enough becaue mom did not have enough time to do some of the thngs hse used to do??????so feeling hurt without understanding allow them to grow up thinking they did not matter noone cared, so he/she from that point onward became the people pleaser or play small?????

Example number three:

when parents get divorced the child assumes it their fault, parents divorced they think they are the source i was bad, made them fight, So they grow up thinking they are bad and do whatever they need to do to prove this……

WHAT I DO IS help clients assessing the present, so they gain clarity. It a matter of going back to root cause, looking at life, see what is working, what is not, and making a shift. WHen ones understands it gives responsibility so they can take bold action to make things better faster and easier than ever. Hugs

I am here

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