Around the world there is a struggle in our school system. The dominant system has been in place for over a hundred years.

This system is based on the way factories. While on the surface this approach seems to be about transmitting “knowledge” to children there is also an UNSPOKEN “hidden curriculum” being taught…. such schooling teaches youth toOBEY AUTHORITY follow instructions become a robot to a system that is WRONG!!!!!

meaningless ENVIRONMENT!!!!!

Learning can NOT be measured by standardized tests or the GRADE A plus….. NOT all children learn at the same rate and in the same manner. reward them FOR DOING THERE BEST…….because that is ENOUGH!!!!!

TRUTH is ALL BEING learn best when something is meaningful, enjoyable and interesting, ? ? the END!

SCHOOL IS FAILING OUR WORLD!!!!!!! CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE, we need to STOP ? ✋ and shift in a system that is creating many problem.

It does not fit ……..

TO MAKE IT FIT we need to reward creativity, innovation, independence, compassion, intuition, confidence, cooperation and many other essential character strengths!

We need to inspire winners in life, give understanding and support. Teaching them that there is no such thing as losers mistake breakers……….,

INSPIRE HI self-esteem so our children choose:

nature rather than harmful activities

Service rather than gangs,

peace instead of crime

wellness instead of illegal drugs.

MOST IMPORTANT ALTERNATIVE approach to approved drugs given to children to force compliance and attentiveness in schools. The consequences unknown on PAPER but I see it with every CLIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a model of education to produce obedient workers future robots. The only thing between us and this system are our teacher, ?‍? it is no wonder I left being a teacher because where is the nurturing of creativity, imagination, independence, skillfulness and learning.

MY PASSION MY MISSION IS TO DISMANTLE the factory type metality where we kill the spirit of a child making it about compliance, hardness & competition …


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