When you hope for something in your life, if it doesn’t happen, you are disappointed or upset. If it does happen, then you become elated and excited. You are constantly riding a roller coaster up and down.

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness, of super awareness, not unconsciousness. There is a powerful receptiveness to new ideas and a strong desire to follow those ideas. You begin using your unconscious awareness instead of your conscious awareness. Hypnosis is extremely successful because you are tapping into the vast consciously forgotten storehouse of information in your subconscious/unconscious mind, everything learned since birth. When you see someone staring into space, that is a common everyday trance of focused attention. Exiting hypnosis, people are fully alert, relaxed, confident and able to drive safely.

Your conscious outer mind is basically analytical, critical, logical and defensive, with short term memory. Your inner mind is mainly concerned with inner awareness, attitudes, habits, beliefs, instincts, long term memory and automatic regulating of your body. Programming the inner mind is like programming a computer, largely with uncritical acceptance of new information.

Just imagining may not be enough. What I do is evokes strong positive emotions and feelings, mental images and expectations of success. Hypnosis instructions seem almost real or as real as life. Your mind becomes convinced that you can do what you previously thought impossible or that you are right now the person you want to be.



Evening and morning, before and after sleep, spend a couple of moments doing positive programming with yourself for positivity and success. Imagine and program yourself so that your encounters with others will be magical and they are likely to be that way.


Your body and brain are the best ever pharmacy! YES you heard me correct…… Since your thoughts create chemicals that affect your feelings and behaviour, use positive self-talk and self-visualization. What do you say to yourself all day? How do you see yourself?


If you’re feeling sad, low, disconnected, disempowered then repeat all day long.

~ I can align to a higher vibration

~ I AM joy

~ I feel better


ARE you crushing it. If not change your daily routine. STOP get in comfort zone – once relaxed take a few moments and see yourself doing what you wish to do….GET OFF THE ROLLER COASTER It’s not about push, push, push… harder, harder, harder. become comfortable, so comfortable that you WANT to LEARN.

I realize there are a lot of people preaching this “get out of your comfort zone” mentality. The truth is they only give you part of the story. No one puts himself or herself into an uncomfortable situation unless and until the person is comfortable.. INTERNALLY.

Remember how a few years ago, the ice bucket challenge became a thing? Get a 5-gallon bucket, fill it with ice water and have someone filming you as you dump it over your head. It’s a simple task. Once the bucket is filled, all you have to do is lift it over your head and turn it over. Only takes a couple seconds… and you’re done. If you saw people accepting this challenge, but you declined, ask yourself why. Why didn’t you do it?

I’m willing to bet that that you refused because you were “uncomfortable” with being cold, or have a fear of getting sick from ice cold water.

The people who accepted the challenge put themselves into a situation where they were probably going to be physically uncomfortable. So why did they do it? Because they were internally comfortable with the ideas of being physically uncomfortable.

The secret is finding the comfort zone within. Change what you think?

If you’re afraid of being laugh at, successful, being broke, or you’re afraid of being wealthy, understand that both of these realities begin as ideas, as images in your mind.

The same goes with anything else. Walking is nothing more than walking until you change one tiny detail of how you walk. If it’s snowing or raining or the temperature is below freezing, maybe you’re less comfortable doing it.

Imagine, though, a way of walking that was so therapeutic that it rewound your mind (distracted from the puzzle you’re trying to solve,) and made you feel fabulous, without effort; it put you into an internal comfort zone so you could effortlessly expand into realms that were only a figment of your imagination before.

Yes, I believe there is a way of mindfulness walking that changes your thinking and your life, helping you transcend circumstances so you can get off your ROLLER COASTER!!!!

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