Reflecting on your past and using that wisdom to do a life re-set. In our session we go to the root your heart’s experience to assess, take what we want going forward, and let go of the rest. We get informed to set you FREE. This freedom helps you make better decisions about where you want to go from here. And by “better” I mean more intentional, more joy-focused, even more courageous. More conscious and loving.

Plan from an expanded perspective, not a limited past—from clarity, not conflicted desires. Let me hold your HAND!

Imagine at the end of your life you are standing before your Creator, and He asks: Did you use the time I gifted you each day to be a purposeful being? Did you follow your own path and make your time count? DId you praise me from within and take me into every encounter?

Life is full of challenges — but with a shift in perception we can discover our purpose hidden within these experiences and our feelings.

In the process, we transform our inner dialogue to one that is free of anxiety and worry. Using the art and science of meditation and visualization, you will work with life’s common challenges, such as loneliness, lack of “success,” unfulfilled relationships, forgiveness, and fear.

Through these practices, you will hone your self-awareness and, as a result, become an active participant in how life unfolds around you.

Life’s challenges reveal the wounded places within that need to be healed and, ultimately, transformed.

Cope with sadness, fear, and anxiety
Stay centered, grounded, and calm
Support your immunity with chemistry-altering breathwork
Relax deeply and tap into your body’s innate ability to heal
Build strength and flexibility with at-home movement
Eat mindfully and joyfully
Tap into daily gratitude
Identify and address unhealthy patterns
Anchor each day with powerful affirmations

Are you feeling unsatisfied, limited, empty, or anxious?
Are you attached to a habit, pattern or belief that causes you pain?
Do you have a problematic relationship to work, romance, social media, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, food, pornography, or your family?

Our session moves you to the root causes of our suffering from unconscious unawareness to conscious awareness and offers a systematic approach for healing and radical change in any area of your life.

If you are willing to make the commitment,…..

Free yourself from fear return to LOVE

You’ll come away from our session not only with tools to gracefully navigate life’s challenges, but also with knowledge to transform life’s obstacles into sources of personal transformation and purpose.  If you’re ready to free yourself from fear once and for all – while also expanding your awareness to understand who you’re meant to be, this course is for you. You’ll reframe and reprogram your thinking in a way that will change the trajectory of your life.

Find Clarity in the Chaos
Your energy and motivation are direct outcomes of how well you take care of yourself and how intentionally you interact with the world. Are you hitting the mark? How well do you handle stress? How well do you treat those around you? How confident, productive, and present are you? Do you wake up with enthusiasm or do you usually frown at the coffee pot?

We become well when we address triggers. In our session I shares strategies for setting goals, discovering purpose, and ultimately being more effective, fulfilled, and engaged. Well-being is not just whether you go to the gym or eat the right foods. We focus on “well” when the answer is in “being” your best self, every day. You learn how to set goals, align your priorities, discover your purpose, and ultimately focus on what matters most in your life.

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