Have your own personalized vision board designed from our soul. The vision board will contain your happy ever after, visual reminders. They hold a special charge for you. Each picture upgrades the work you have done @God speed. This vision board will speak to your soul on so many levels.

Vision boards work because they take the thoughts, dreams in your head, turn them into something real, tangible and now you can see it everyday!❤️⭐️

Vision boards are tools used by people all over the world to assist with clarifying, concentrating and maintaining focus on specific goals. They hold power.


Whatever package you decide, email pictures and theme to and with 48hours we will have your vision board doing the work, to back and support your,” happy ever after.


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“Going to sleep every night listening to my recording and waking up to see my vision board, powerful. After our soul journey Sylvia I have been thinking about my symbol and number a lot, so interesting. I am a changed person. Hypnosis, NLP with a spectrum of understanding makes me feel complete. I have noted in my relationships, especially with my partner. Our relationship was ok and supportive but now we are falling back in love. I am also handling situations with clients better. Everything seems to flow better now. The vision board has anchored the new me, yes! You’ve helped me to look at my life in a new way. Whew is the energy strong.”
– Ann, UK

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