The family that you’re born into is your Earth family, also known as your Birth family. You may have been brought up by your birth family or you may have have acquired a family – after your birth. Indeed, you and all of your family members have chosen to incarnate together in this lifetime to complete cycles of learning and soul growth. To bring about understanding, healing and harmony between yourself and your birth family, it’s essential to communicate with one another from the heart, from soul and from love.

What you’ll experience

in this Guided Meditation, you’ll meet family members that you wish to have a clearing and healing with.  you’ll exchange heart-felt messages that express truth, clarity and a much needed healing . And you can connect with your family whether you know them or not, whether you see them or not and whether they are still here or have passed

Sylvia’s behind the scene

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned, is that ‘family’ happens on a soul level and our birth (acquired) family offers, perhaps the deepest, hardest lessons. That’s why I created this process, for your release and healing between family members. It’s powerful, because family doesn’t have to be physically present for this healing to work ‘This recording  hold a statement that needs to be present before any journey into the SOUL….this key,  open 7 generation back and reveals  so much understand once you repeat it, you will feel a RUSH of opening because this is what happens….Say Yes, nod you head , you are here  NOW because “YOU ARE READY” your soul is celebrating now. will rem.


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