Creating Happy Children


Create happy children has nothing to do with how you parent and everything to do with how you show up

How loving you are makes your children, loving, loved, and loveable
Who is this for and when to use it?
For parents and therapists working with children. Use this recording when someone you love, someone you work with is diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Standard treatments for ADHD in adults, ADD, Autism. typically involve medication, education, skills training and psychological counseling. This will give you some pearls of wisdom to make your life EASY.
Stop wasting precious time!
People with any of these labels can feel misunderstood by those around them. Their inability to focus can at times be mistaken for laziness or their hyperactivity called attention-seeking.
While you won’t be able to understand exactly how your loved one feels, you can take steps to try to see things from their perspective.
We all feed off the reactions of those around us to some extent — particularly children, who are constantly learning and developing.
Consider taking a moment to think about whether your own behavior and reactions could be triggering or encouraging certain symptoms in your loved one.
This is just a min version of what Soul Parenting training is all about, and if your interested in the full training send me a message, and please share feedback of this program! hugs!

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