I dialogue with space….. cleanse space …….and ask God to join me in supporting my clients greatest need. Help me open a space of pure divine love, acceptance
Play a song ? enter a trance .

It like a …Roll on effect

Because I was a people pleaser made me a seeker skilled at nothing ? master of none until now. What am I here to do and install a new belief because I did not put anything into action.

Needed to lift my mask ? and since 2017 I removed many layers NLP help me reveal and understand my imprint. Learning has always been my safe place.

I have absolute faith in NLP CBC hypnosis the day before every session. It, like the universe, sends me a silver platter knowing exactly what I need to do to help.

It always comes when I surrender. I found the thing I’m meant to do nothing phases me. I trust everything in my session. I am in it with the person helping them access the core issue. Hugs

I am here

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