Do you have sadness, anger, grief, confusion or other negative emotions that keep you stuck in a dark or challenging place? Have you wondered how to help yourself out of that emotional pain? Maybe you’ve thought about doing some “healing” work with someone like me, but you’re not sure if it will help, or how “energy healing” even works?

I’ve met some people who expect healing to be like magic; a lifetime of trauma and negative emotions gone in a minute. I’ve met others who think it has to be a long hard road, year after year.

I believe in the miraculous and I often am blessed to see miracles happen for my clients and students. Though, I often find that if you had a traumatic childhood which created pain and di-ease in your body, you may takes a few months or even years to heal. And the truth is, that is still a Miracle!

One of the main reasons we come here to Earth is for the soul growth that comes from challenging situations and experiences. It’s important to acknowledge for yourself and your soul’s growth that you can heal and there is no “time frame” included in the definitions of a Miracle.

I’d like to share a little bit about me so you can see why I understand you and can offer this deep wisdom and healing work to you.

I’ve struggled with grief, angry and loneliness it brought since I was thirteen years old. It affected my life so deeply that it almost derailed my soul purpose.

I had some things take place that left me walking into EGO away and even furious with God for what I considered a grave injustice. I was totally lost and was looking for a way to fill the vast hole in my heart. I felt rage and didn’t understand. I lost my way and it took me time to find my way back to me again. Seven years to be exact.

I worked on various issues relating to that trauma and the connected feelings of abandonment, anger, and unworthiness. I share this story with you because I want you to know that negative emotions like anger and emotional pain are often tied to unresolved issues from our childhood or possibly from a past life. The emotions may be incomplete soul contracts, past-life karma. These issues feed feelings like low self-esteem, doubt, fear, grief and anger.

With the support from some amazing techiques I uncovered and resolved the experiences that created those emotions, and freed myself of the shackles that kept me bound to misery. I am proof that it is possible to release old stuck energy and recycle it for the highest good of all, including ourselves.

I’ve learned that when you release heavy, dense, and low-vibrational energy, you begin to feel lighter and more expansive. You begin to get glimpses of why you are here and have the energy to begin living it. I have no doubt I’m living my purpose because I accepted guidance, cleared out the past life experiences that created my issues.

These prayers and techniques help support you to fulfill your life’s purpose and create their soul dream by living a live that is free from negative ties to the past.. Shift quickly and profoundly receive a deeper understanding about themselves, their Soul contract. use the prayers that speak to their hearts. Together we open your heart energy to allow grace to flow to you and Increase happiness, joy, and creativity Release past vows that currently restrict your life Fulfill soul contracts

Release karma

Heal physical and emotional issues

Unblock your chakras

Now you can be Divinely Guided every day with ease and grace……prayer of surrender and forgiveness when done from your heart speaks to you and open your life.

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