Study CARE
CARE means to be careful. CARE will make the person study well, and observe well.

For children who do not listen HOLD which means going/moving in the right direction. So for such children, who do not listen to their parents, chant the name of child and say HOLD. If you want you can also add DIVINE
Some children will not get sufficient marks in the exams and so we go for revaluation. CARE DIVINE will be of useful in such life situations.

Mantra for Good Speech
Chant the mantra, OM

To heal others put their name in a piece of paper, keep it on the left hand and chant the positive Words. Preferably chant during the beginning of the day and then later before going to sleep. I love finding music for soul as well…

You can write (in multiples of) 21 times/day in a notebook for (multiples of) 21 days. In session together we make a recording.

Combining words with other healing methods
For fever one patient was prescribed CRAB APPLE CHANGE DIVINE ORDER. Crab apple is a Bach Flower remedy, while Change and Divine Order are switch words. Both Bach flower remedy and upbeat words can be combined during chanting.

Energizing water
Is it possible to chant them and sprinkle the water or to drink the water? Yes you can. Chant them and sprinkle the water or drink the water.

Water will absorb energies better. Chant a Words 100 times while holding a glass of water and give the water to children as they won’t chant. Anything spoken to water will be absorbed by it. Do chanting for 108 times or chant them for duration of 5 to 10 minutes. No specific time is required. Label the water bottle … The water will absorb the energy of it. In addition to that, do chanting as well.

Using circle technique (NATIVE AMERICAN RITUAL)
Write the name of the person(s) or the situation to be healed in a piece of paper.
Draw a circle around the name/situation.
Draw more circle.
In between each gap between circles, write one positive word.
Keep the paper with you.
See it in the morning and evening

RELEASE RESISTANCE … release resistance is to be added before the string of words.

Finding harmony with a person, you are in conflict with
How to use this for harmony? With this one technique that follows, we can do for all other problems.

‘A’ and I are quarrelling. Visualize A is on the left hand and yourself on the right hand.

Chant the words CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE, for a minimum 100 to 200 times. Bring the right hand closer to left hand slowly. Finally both hands should meet (which should not happen until you finish chanting). Immediately harmony will be established between you too.

When the hands come closer to each other, and if you need assistence to merge both the hands, at that time chant CENTRE many times and finally it will merge.

Finding harmony among two individuals
Let us say ‘A’ and ‘B’ are quarrelling. Keep A on the left and B on the right hand.

Chant CLEAR FIND DIVINE LOVE WITH many times, bring the hands closer to each other and finally join them both.

Solving physical problems
For physical problems – (visualize) keep the opportunity and name of the person on the left hand, and chant CLEAR CENTRE CANCEL DIVINE BE NOW DONE. BE is for physical health.

Problem-Solution Approach
For other problems – (visualize) keep the problem on the left hand, and chant CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE. Opportunity solved, for the highest good of everybody concerned.


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