Your prayer is like a stone which is dropped in the middle of a pool of water. It creates waves and ripples. Feel yourself as the waves and ripples go on and on unto Infinity.

My PRAYER today: Dear Lord allow me to open a space inside to feel you, hear you, and take action on what it is you wish for me to do!. Thank you for the gifts, for allowing me to have three amazing children. My greatest teachers. My portal expands so I able to support clients to open a space inside to connect with you, and feel grateful, Today the portal of energy is wide open, my prayer for my children, the children of the world is that they wake up everyday grateful, feeling the LOVE your gave us to go inward first and then sharing that light with the people they love the world.

Mudra: (Yogie Bojan) Interlace the fingers so the left Mercury finger (pinkie) is on the outside. Extend the Jupiter fingers (index) up straight. Cross the thumbs, so right is over left. Place this mudra in front of the Heart Center so the thumbs are very dose to the chest, and the Jupiter fingers are pointing straight up toward the ceiling. The elbows will be bent.

Eyes: Closed or 1/10th open.
Focus: Build an image of yourself. You are still and radiant. Your breath is slow, deep and meditative.

My Hypnosis SPIN:

Imagine you are sitting on the top of Mount Everest, so all the world is around you. Consider your spine is like a tube of light. There is light between the base of your neck and the base where you are sitting. Now it is sending out light rays. You can send waves to the entire globe with each thought…..WOW feel this today……

The power of your soul is the pure power. Let the power of your soul vibrate out. It has no limits or boundaries. With each breath and with the ripples of your heartbeat, project, bless, and be blessed. Merge in Infinity and let Infinity find you, too.

O child, this is your Mother’s Blessing, that you

May never forget GOD, even for an instant.

May you vibrate GOD
May you be kind , and loving

May you sing and praises God
May you live long,

May the meditative remembrance of the GOD give you infinite delight.
May joy and pleasure be yours.

May your faith be fulfilled
May you trust

Let this mind of yours be the bumble bee, and blossom forth like the songbird, upon finding the raindrop.

Take a conscious BREATH hold awaken yourself out of the meditation.

Than stretch the arms out give yourself a huge hug from GOD, me, the world. Hugs

I am here

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