Meditation can cultivate self-compassion, healthy ways to process pain, the ability to fall and get back up again and a profound connection with ourselves and others. How to start meditation?
why everyone should be doing it?

  • The heart of the practice, which might surprise you
  • How meditation is a life exercise and skills training
  • Why there is no failing in meditation
  • The difference between a mindfulness practice and a loving kindness meditation
  • What causes suffering
  • Navigating uncertainty, fear and anger during these challenging times
    countless nuggets of wisdom just try it! Don’t give up after 10 minutes or look just at the practice time itself, but instead look at your life and how differently you respond to yourself, your relationships and life’s challenges. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

“We’re not trying to blank out or drop parts of our experience. We’re cultivating the ability to be with our experience differently. We don’t have to take every thought to heart. We don’t have to follow every thought into action. We don’t have to hold onto an emotion as if it’s the only thing we will ever feel.” – Pam Chopan
It’s the practice of letting go and being able to begin again. –
We don’t all share the same degree of pain. But we all share vulnerability.”

Feel so you can heal you’re not supposed to stop your thoughts; you’re supposed to witness them allow them to surface in the moment so you live through them not with them……..

I am here

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