Studies suggest that we remember many things consciously but we remember everything that ever happened to us on an unconscious level. Therefore, using Hypnosis can naturally help to discover the root cause of the unknown source of the fear or problem.

In many cases, the root cause event may be that of a perceived trauma of a young child or infant associated with fear from situations such as separation, illness or loss. Sometimes the root cause may be related to a true traumatic birth experience.

Often times feelings of fear, anxiety and especially claustrophobia may be related to just such an unconscious event. Those who are afraid of being in small elevators, tunnels, unable to wear turtlenecks or feel very uncomfortable having scarves, ties or jewelry close to their throats may have experienced a birth trauma they are unaware of, at least consciously.

They obviously survived their birth but may still carry the unconscious fear which can rise up in situations that remind them of the frightening feelings once experienced by being temporarily stuck in the birth canal. Small spaces, crowded elevators or long, dark tunnels, even being in an airplane may trigger a response of anxiety for some. For others, the root cause event may have occurred even earlier than birth and could be related to a trauma experienced pre-birth, while in utero.

Traumas experienced by a mother-to-be such as war, car accidents, illness, loss, grief, etc. may affect the fetus on an unconscious emotional level and be the source of anxiety or stress. In all cases PLR can help to access the necessary information as to the root cause event.

For some, the source of the unknown fear or anxiety appears to be related to a time or situation even earlier than birth, even before the fetal stage of being in utero. The root cause event may be very, very old and perhaps, in some cases, related to what appears to be a past life experience. We often find that the root cause of any number of problems such as fears, phobias, anxiety and even physical responses like pain may lie in what appears to be a past life.

The concept of past lives may seem mysterious, strange and inconceivable to some. Much has been written on the subject and many people are familiar with psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss’ published works with past lives. Very often clients smile and say they have enough problems to deal with in this lifetime and prefer to focus on the here and now.

It’s impossible to prove that past life experiences are real but it’s actually not important for one to believe in the theory of past lives for the reduction of anxiety or fear to take place.

The concept of past lives may possibly be purely a symbolic metaphor the unconscious mind has created to represent the root cause of the anxiety or emotional aspect. No one really knows. However, it doesn’t really matter as to where or when the root cause event occurred. It may have happened yesterday, 50 years ago or even before birth. The use hypnosis helps to dissolve the negative emotional charge and allows the problem to simply fade away. Hypnosis naturally creates a sense of deep PEACE and relaxation as it solidifies the positive changes desired.

After the session it is natural for people to feel very relaxed with a sense of peace and relief as though a heavy weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Of course, as with all personal changes and goals, as individuals vary results may vary as well. Most people are very pleased and amazed to discover the negative feelings of stress, fear or anxiety experienced just moments earlier are now neutral, seemingly unimportant and just a thought or memory that no longer interferes with their joy of life.

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