“By the turning of this wheel, karmic suffering repeats, and trauma is transmitted from one generation to the next—until it finds space and presence and clarity; until it is owned so that it may be healed.

— Thomas Hübl


Years ago, the great mythologist Joseph Campbell told a story of going to dinner one night at his favorite local restaurant.

At a table next to him was a father, a mother, and a little boy about 12 years old.

The father said to the boy, “Drink your tomato juice.” And the boy responded, “I don’t want to.” And the father with a louder voice said, “Drink your tomato juice.”

Then the mother intervened, “Don’t make him do what he doesn’t want to do.”

The father looked at her, furious, and responded, “He can’t go through life doing what he wants to do. Look at me, I’ve never done a thing I wanted to in all my life.”

This is a person, Campbell claimed, who had never found what is his to do. What was most alive in him had become buried.

And then we respond to our children and loved ones, not from what is needed in that moment, but from our past pain in this lifetime and sometime in a past lifetime.

The stories we carry about ourselves, often informed by our past conditioning and trauma, can dictate our life. And our journey is, in part, to discover what is true for us.

This is why I wanted to set aside a day to to share please join me FREE yes I said FREE online fellowship t open a space & instead of unconsciously living from the past, we can creatively engage from the present..

I am here


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