Mental health and trauma is part of our human experience, and the more we learn to embrace and talk about it, the more we can experience growth and accelerate forward.

Recently, Paris Hilton, the Heiress of Hilton Hotel, released a documentary on her unspoken trauma. It created massive waves on the internet. The reason is because there is a myth things like trauma only affects people who are less privileged. This cannot be further from truth.

If you recognize the following symptoms, you may have unresolved trauma:

Difficulty achieving goals.
Single-mindedly achieving goals, at all costs, disregarding health, friendships, family.
Struggles with toxic relationships.
Lacking connection and feeling isolated, even when surrounded by people.
Feeling different, nobody understands you.
Addictions and self-harming.
Having a hard time staying happy and satisfied, even when good things happen.

There is nothing shameful about having adversities and difficult experiences. Having the courage to talk about it, is the first step. CALLING ME is the next? hugs

I am here

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