One of my amazing teachers

Dr. David R. Hawkins

Realize that life is a feedback loop …

You strengthen within yourself the identical things that you strengthen in others.

This clinical fact has enormous implications.

The obvious conclusion to be drawn, therefore, is that you will do well to constantly support that which is positive in others … Support the success of others in every little way you can think to do. This means to also recognize and acknowledge their successes, which tends to reinforce the within them and in yourself.

It is not about manipulative flattery rather genuine appreciation for the positive characteristics of everyone you run into … This is a valuable training that teaches you to look for the positive.

This method moves you to an attitude of “givingness” rather than “gettingness.”…

Every time you create a good feeling in others, they feel grateful and develop a positive attitude toward you, which completely changes the nature of your life …

When you really do something for someone else, you do it with no expectation of return in any form, even by acknowledgment or recognition. You do it out of caring for other human beings, because you are contributing to the quality of life itself …

When we support life, life supports us in return

__The Knowingness needed to transcend this level is that Divine Love is also nonlinear and without subject, object, form, conditionality, or location. Love is a primary quality of Divinity and is also nonlinear, and that spiritual love is not an attachment.

The knowledge that is needed at the “end” is essential right from the “beginning.”

To know what it is necessary to know in order to reach Divine States accelerates progress; otherwise, there is an unconscious resistance of fear due to ignorance.

Faith, Love, and Joy are the high road; doom and gloom merely lead to sadness and despondency The more you advance, the more you are likely to further advance; and the more you advance from wanting to advance, the more advanced you get to be!

Be willing to overlook and forgive. This willingness allows the serious spiritual student to resign from the self-appointed duties of being the one to judge, correct, control, direct, and change the world, and express opinions about everything.

As a serious spiritual student, one is no longer obligated to continue these chores; instead, they are turned over to divine justice.

Respect the teacher, and save reverence only for God.

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