“Let go of your concerns over what other people think. Let go of even what you think about yourself. Our beliefs are limitations that keep us confined and addicted to how we think things should be, to what we think reality should look like. Our fears are real so how can we create from such a restricted place? How can we heal from a place such as this? We have put out the vibration that says, “I can go this far, but no farther”. “I can do this, but never do that.” “I can heal from this, but not from that.” We do not know what the outcome of our healing will be, for we are not God, of course.

If we decide that we are doomed, we have chosen our position and thereby doomed ourselves.

If we can just step for one moment beyond this imprisonment, to a world of infinite possibility. We have stepped into the impossible.

Today bloom into self, invite the possible and take matters into your ow hands. God helps those who help themselves. Hanna Kroger .

Allow yourself to rise into yourself. Reach beyond the programming and touch the stars – expand into our full potential, expand beyond the walls of our limitation into the infinite nature of who we truly are.

Trust. Believe you can heal. Reach beyond your beliefs into surrendering yourself beyond the powers of the mind. Surrender to your experience. Allow all of it and be its witness.

Whatever your story was, clear the slate. Let the space of pure presence work its power on you for it works in a land that writes its own story in every moment. It writes the story of creation, It writes the story of the impossible becoming possible.

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