This framework is so powerful that it is like going from communicating with two cans and a string to telepathy-it’s exponentially better.
In our online training you learn…
-How to Identify and transform unconscious energetic patterns that are keeping your clients stuck-mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually
-A five step process for releasing and healing trauma in the energetic and physical body
-How to access deepest intuitive knowing.

You will learn muscle testing/applied kinesiology
– psycho-spiritual practices and interventions to heal the physical, emotional, mental, etheric, astral, causal bodies and more
-How to heal and transform personal, family, collective, and genealogical karma that may be out of awareness and keeping your clients stuck
-How to explain and do what is called past life therapy, whether genealogical or karmic, to accelerate healing
-And much, much more…

Now is the time to release the blocks holding them back from creating the life they want to live

– transform negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, bad habits, and reactive behaviors and become the highest version of themselves

– unlock potential, get unstuck, and manifest more happiness, love, inner peace, vitality, and abundance

I believe that healing occurs in relationship and through transformative practices to awaken our innate wisdom, strengths and resilience. I support my clients in reconnecting with themselves, deepening relationships with others, and feeling aligned with their true nature. Our work together is about going beyond the emotional and intellectual understanding, to unlock what is stuck, then to integrate and transform the wounds that prevent us from living our ideal self.

Coaching helps to give voice to our humanity — loss, pain and struggle is common to all of us. As your coach, I will create a safe, supportive, and compassionate space for you to lean into uncomfortable emotions and sensations; ones that may not feel okay in the outside world. Teach you to navigate this world, based on perceptions and narratives about who you want to be.

If you are looking to be accepted, cared for and supported while making significant and meaningful changes, this is where coaching can be of service to you.

I use an in depth client and heart centered approach, narrative work and cognitive behavioral therapy, among other therapeutic approaches.

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