Energy Healing for Nervous System and Depression, Inflammation comes from not living, it makes your memory dull, digestive and gut issue infer with brain making the right neurotransmitters, One must reset gut bacteria to support mental emotional health is required everyday. When we use the power of breathing making a sigh to release all blocks, nerve cells need to be returned to DIVINE BLUEPRINT, breathe release all the stuff inside holding you back, It takes 3 min first thing in morning and at the end of the day. Add power to the nervous system,restoring the divine blueprint to optimal health and vitality. Use your body to make sounds powerful sounds that open a space within to invite ..feel the energy entire brain energy release, move your body to remove the dense energy, you will feel it if you listen, play with it until it gets light.

Feel into the whole brain, make sounds sigh aha aha sounds that will start to vibrate in awe once you are able to reset your brain and nervous system. Command your body NOW, COME ON HUMAN stop complicating everything pause and reset. I call in guides and angels to help me call in the coherentence, this helps generate and restore your original blueprint.  It is almost so simple, God gave you the most beautiful blueprint and you just need to remember that which is YOU, simply simply simply sounds are almost like a toss between OM and a sound you would make when your body in in a state of ecstasy (orgamatic) yes SMILE, No harm will come from this, integrate rest and drink plenty of water after than skip through your day.

Hologram within us needs the freedom to open this space. Make sure you empower the spine and all body parts to restore optimal health and wellness. AWE!

Ask every nerve cell to remember its divine blueprint….allow whatever sound release in the trillions of cells return, the way you were meant to be before you pick up all those limiting beliefs. O yeah feel into this space, this frequency, this light, your body, brain cells,nervous system, bring people you love into this and trust this energy to clear and restore them to optimal omnipresence energy.

So if you’re reading this now feel this energy, welcome it, so you will move throughout this day clear, crystal clear, your life force is now upgraded and if you wish to receive more, connect with me so it is not a one time deal. Enter the space of miracle …let it in, let it unfold, allow GOD to work through you now, however miracles choose to work within us, let’s all receive this now. THIS clears depression, dark space that seems to not ever have an escape plan, breathe deeper clear open a space for yourself and the people you love to receive the soul imprint.Do this out of love and kindness, supporting soul print to upgrade and journey onward, GODWARD. HOLD this space of agape love unconditional pure, feel a sasading of angel dust, being poured over the crown of your head and to all beings you love. For all loving being, to receive so we can walk a path to share magic and miracles. Be the divine being you are to hold space for magic, empower the relationship for all to surrender and connect with GOD. WOW do you feel it, AWEEEEE see every heart fill with this loving energy now, take it into your home where it all starts and allow the AWE to spread this field of coherence to go into every space in a nanosecond, BEAUTIFUL, AWE, AWE, allow your body to move in it own rhythm.

I am here


Sylvia Colbourne Martin FB

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