It is my mission to help thousands of people in the world remove blockages and upgrade your DNA. We are not stuck with what we were born with. There is science behind this. Cherry bloosom study, “It’s never too late to start creating the life you desire.”

Too often, success is defined by how much money we earn or what possessions we own. This is something that is only achieved when we create balance in our lives and live in the present. When we no longer beat ourselves up.

Life is precious a GIFT! People who spend time worrying about the past and the future that life is passing. THE critical mind (thoughts) tells you that you re not enough, nothing you do is ever perfect enough.STOP.. I am on a mission to change the world person by person so the ripple effect can be seen within SELF, families and communities across the world. 

I believe that everyone deserves to be given an opportunity to do this life changing work regardless of their financial position. As such, I have introduced a small scholarship programme to allow all members of the community to have access to my programme. This is my way of giving back in gratitude for all I have received in my lifetime. 


Meditation Coaching Circle

Work with me as part of a small sacred group of individuals looking to learn meditation techniques and accountability to develop a daily practice which will enrich your life beyond your wildest dreams. Group coaching will be provided to overcome any barriers you may face. 

I am here! Hugs’

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