The three ways we form Attachments:
What people will think ?of me.


It will hurt me a lot if the image of myself is of truth and people think differently (it hurts) I believe I am smart others disagree.
If I totally live for other people, if I lose them, it will hurt ?
If I live for things and they are taken away. this will hurt ?

My mother is kind & sweet everyone tells her this and one day her sister says the opposite……..OUCH because for so long people said “she is kind & sweet” therefore mom’s image is “I am kind & sweet” than her sister says your far from kind & sweet …. it hurts…she can let it seep like a tea bag ? going deep or she can shift ..

The faster you shift the BETTER, start this dialogue,

well some people say I am sweet and others think differently that ok ? everyone has their own opinions,


I like dark chocolate ? my son does not eat chocolate, my daughter’s like sweet chocolate ? everyone is entitled to honoring themselves…It is up to the person …to receive or to leave. A critical person is not happy with self so they lash out at others, it is really about what is going on in their life. So let go of attachment stay with your magnificent image.

Children ? just allow life to happen. Children have very little attachment to being a people pleasing, they go from one toy to the next, being lead by emotions the way it make them feel, very little attachment to image. That is why when they are little and you ask them to stand in front of a bunch of people dance and and sing ? from heart ❤️ they just do it, they really do not care about others just the moment and feeling good!

I am here

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