Look inward before looking forward.

To change mindset, we must first feed the unconscious mind with new experiences that
involve different roles. construct a new personal narrative about
what was required to win in life, Success is defined by a shift in how the person thinks and feels about self Explore different selves by trying activities outside one’s expertise and
experimenting with new roles. By stepping outside their usual context
and trying new behaviors, gain new perspectives on who they are and, in the process,
feed their unconscious minds with experiences and stories to construct a different mindset.

Do not limit yourself, consider different possibilities about their future.Explore new roles, and new ways of behaving.

Develop new skills that will broader knowledge and mindset to understand he or she doesn’t
need to rely on old programs. get some distance from their old selves to see themselves more objectively. The journey involves leaving behind the safe and familiar for the unknown. The familiar keeps one locked in an outmoded mindset.I support clients to open a space creating deep changes because one will understand their role and the impact their past has had on their life. Our past environment can be powerful accelerators to mindset change.

Changing relationships, going and gettine new friends, the old social networks often reinforce the very mindset a person is trying to change. Peer groups reflect a mindset that no longer fits. A critical part of accelerating mindset change is to find new peer groups. As difficult as it may be a new social network that will reinforce a different mindset and help you break the old relationships that pull them back into their old mindset and behaviors.

Looking in the same mirror serves to reinforce the very mindset we need to change. Open a space to tell a better story which is essential to change mindset. I am that coach who will support you to tap inward to extract meaning from experiences. We will go back to the root cause and wove together his lifetime of
experiences to open a space for the WOW. Those out-of-the-box experiences are here for a DIVINE REASON. These dominant forces are for your story. This is an activity I share in my book:

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I am here!

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