I open a space for my clients to feel the importance of laughter, smiles, moving, to elevate our emotional state, all why promoting inner healing and raising our energy.

Break down old thought patterns, habitual behaviours/habits and limiting beliefs that might have been holding you back. The mind learns by repetition, and because it’s had many years of hardwired conditioning,

Together we ensure the hypnotic suggestions, concepts are embedded to make a difference in your life, for amazing change, healing and expansion, join me Sylvia Colbourne Martin on FB.

ARE YOU READY, make yourself comfortable, set a daily reminder same time each day open ease but do what you can. Now close your eyes, tune outer distractions.. See, feel the ground beneath you, imagine you have roots like a tree strongly connected into the earth, or for me the sky perspective.

Look at everything with magic and everything you look at is better? Take some deep, long, slow breaths, inhale mind… exhale relax and drop, deeper and deeper…then settle back to your natural breath rhythm,, just allow a space and BE, notice anything and everything that comes up in the noisy monkey mind, observe it, then just watch it go by like water in a river….go go go … No attachment to it… breath… pause focus with ease how you want your day to look?

Visualise it, see it and feel it… Imagination is your superpower!

NOw is the magic put on a song that resonates it will become an anchor with you and makes you feel AMAZING, turn up the volume see you hand touching the knob turn turn turn, feel it throughout your whole body.

Now feel the energising stuff, from a calm, balanced,how good does it get you, If your needing more rinse and repeat….. until you do! Hugs

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