A mid life crisis occurs because people haven’t taken time to discover their values and create their life accordingly.

When our beliefs about our current reality mismatch with the way reality truly is, we experience suffering on an emotional level. Your core values are at the heart of every decision you ever make, every relationship you encounter and every goal you achieve, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. I help client raise consciousness of who they are and what drives them to do the things you do (or don’t do) .

Maybe you are at a crossroads in your life and you are not sure which path to take or what direction? You might be feeling a bit stressed, giving yourself a hard time, being overly judgmental of yourself or feel restless? This is generally a sign that your values are out of alignment.

Most people don’t truly know what their core values are. Once you discover not only what your values are but what they mean to you and the order that they show up in priority to you in your life, it is absolutely transformational. The key to lasting transformation is through knowing what truly drives you.

By getting to know your values you can::

Set your goals on a firm foundation
Create the life you want from a place of alignment
Harness all of your motivation in one direction
Regain your energy, passion and zest for life
Make living a more joyful experience in all areas of life
Your values govern your behaviour even though you may not be aware of them.
They will play out in your behaviour or goals but are seldom examined.
Lining up with your values is a great way to end the struggles within yourself.

During this incredible interactive and enlightening session, you will discover:

What has been driving your success (or lack of it) so far
What is really important to you and align yourself with it
The 3 powerful questions that will allow you to uncover what matters most to you in Life and Business
What is currently driving all your decisions, actions and relationships and why you act the way you do
5 of your CORE Values and how they impact everything you do whether you are aware of it or not

How giving to yourself first is a MUST for all other areas of your life to flow smoothly
How to make the right decision for you, each time, every time.
YOu are as unique as you fingerprint and how this is the key to better relationships with others
looping thoughts and how to break it with ONE question
How to re-write your ‘unconscious’ rules that you don’t even know exist
Live life for greater fulfilment, joy and happiness
How to engage and align your goals to your values for greater success in all areas of your life
How you can use the knowledge of your values to set inspiring goals
The life you truly want to stretch into who you truly are at your essence

Join me for this incredible life changing session. Hugs

I am here

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