The brain has it own capacity to protect itself from PAIN.
The brain ? produces a chemical that will protect it from pain.
The brain ? has a safeguard against pain, damage & grief!
Practice is a measurement of where you are to where you want to be.

Something I share with my clients that is easy and powerful to align to peace/calm is take left hand place it over the forehead hold, make breathing soft, deep, longer, slower, in and out through the nose,
(hand are made to heal, more blood flow in hands so bring it to frontal lobes and energy heals)

Cloth line technique:
Everyday we wash ? cloth because of the dirt and germs ? it picks up from the day.
Than after we wash ? our clothes, we put them on clothesline to blow in the wind to dry. (MOVEMENT)
If we took a stinky shirt ? ? and put it on cloth line without washing it, it would still stink ….
so why do humans think we can keep doing the same thing day after day without clearing the mind ❓thinking ? we will get a different result!??
Awareness is the key,

Awareness ? starts with outside, notice things outside, without judgment, master this ✅ than turn inward, Make your life a meditation ?‍♂️hugs

I am here

#emotionalblunting #purelove #rewire

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